ZAC Films is a Lebanese Production and Distribution Company (CR 1015975-Beirut) specialized in documentary films.

The main objective of ZAC films is the creative and critical treatment of History and actuality and the constant work on preserving our collective memory.

In 2011, ZAC Films has co-produced with Darkside Film & TV Production (Lebanon) and Al Jazeera Documentary Channel (Qatar) a feature documentary about Lebanese contemporary History entitled: "Marcedes" which won the FIPRESCI (the International Federation of Film Critics) Prize at Dubai International Film Festival 2011- AlJazeera Documentary Channel Award for Best Long Film at AlJazeera International Documentary Festival, Doha 2012- the 2nd Best Documentary Prize at the International Meeting for Arab Cinema-Nabeul,Tunisia 2012- the Discover Our World Award at Monaco Charity Film Festival, Monaco 2012 and the originality award at Europe Orient Documentary Film Festival, Morocco 2015.

The film had a theatrical release in Beirut in 2012 then was aired on TV (France 3 Corse in 2013 and AlJazeera Documentary Channel in 2014). It was released on DVD in 2015 and online on and

In 2013, ZAC Films has co-produced with Istituto Luce Cinecittà and Asiatica Film Mediale (Italy): "Honeymoon 58" with rare archive footage of Lebanon during the first civil war in 1958. The film was also released on DVD in 2015.

Between 2012 and 2015, ZAC Films has managed the production of the feature documentary on the socialist Lebanese leader Kamal Joumblatt who was assassinated in 1977: "Kamal Joumblatt, witness and martyr" (2015-produced by the Friends of Kamal Joumblatt Association and executive producer: Rawi Production). The film had its theatrical release in Beirut in 4 cinemas in May 2015 and was screened for 8 weeks. It won in 2016 the following awards: The Francophone Trophy for the Best Feature Documentary, Best Director, Best Music and Best Editing at the 3rd Lebanese Cinema Movie Guide Awards and the Special Mention from the jury at the 18th Ismailia International Film Festival for Documentaries and Shorts, Egypt. The film was also released on DVD in 2015 and online on

In December 2016, ZAC Films presented "Ya Omri" ("104 wrinkles") which was premiered at Dubai International Film Festival. It had a theatrical release in Beirut on March 30, 2017 and was screened for 5 weeks. It won the Jury Award at Malmo Arab Film Festival, Sweden, 2017, the Special Mention of the Jury at Asiatica Film Festival, Italy, 2017, Best Cinematography at the Lebanese Movie Awards, 2018 and the Silver Award at Festival International du Film Oriental de Geneve, Switzerland, 2018.

It was released on DVD in May 2018 and is currently distributed in the Arab World by MAD Solutions.

ZAC Films has also released at the end of 2018 a short tribute to Lebanese Theatre Man Jalal Khoury entitled: "Dear Jalal"

In August 2021, ZAC Films has released a documentary book “The Last Film Screening” exposing in 618 pages the social, political and cultural history of Tripoli through its cinemas.

In 2024, ZAC Films will release its new feature documentary “Cilama” in coproduction with Aljazeera Documentary Channel and selected at Cairo International Film Festival.

ZAC FILMS documenting our History.

ZAC Films founder is filmmaker Hady Zaccak.
The company has a creative collaboration with:
Cinematographer Muriel Aboulrouss
Music Composer and Sound Designer Emile Aouad
Editor Elias Chahine
Sound Engineer Mouhab Chanesaz
Researcher Mohamad Hamdar

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